Snowflake Babies (Ebook)

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Brand: Lulu's Quest

In this sequel to our series, our curious little friend overhears a family talking about their "snowflake baby". Lulu, being the adventurous bug that she is, sets out on a new quest for answers; and as she does, she makes a few new friends along the way. Come join us and Lulu on this new quest! It is sure to be a fun and exciting one!

*This book was illustrated by Cadenza Giorgianni. Oldest daughter to Stephanie Giorgianni, and inspiration for A Seed of Love. Cadenza began illustrating this book with her mother at the age of eight years old, so it was a very exciting project for the two of them to work on together.

Please note, the online and downloadable ebooks are animated. If you are viewing the book on a mobile device, tablet or ipad, you will need to purchase the online version or the pdf version. The downloadable version is not compatible with anything other than computers due to the file format. Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your ebook.

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